We produce around the clock on modern production facilities and injection molding machines with a clamping force up to 850 tons. We produce articles up to 6kg part weight in nearly all thermoplastic materials. High qualified persons are the foundation of our experience together with modern production capabilities and our long life experience in the production of technical injection molded parts.

    We see our suppliers as our partners and so can offer the best quality and a wide variety of raw materials.


    Our Business Model is based on a diverse product range of reels, drums, and spools for Process and Packaging solutions for linear wound products.
    We believe Shahabfar Tools is the leading manufacturer in Iran for reels, drums, and spools with a heavy emphasis on in-house manufacture to provide bespoke solutions to satisfy our customers' needs. We are a service - led business with recognized accreditations such as ISO 9001. We supply products to the electric cable, wire, rope and twine, plastic tubing and conduit, ribbon and sealant strip industries amongst others, for flexible products that require winding on to a real, spool or drum. We have an experienced development team that can also design and manufacture bespoke reels and drums that are the purpose-built for specific products.

    Closed-Loop Solutions
    ToosPolymer recycles, reuses and upcycles waste into innovative new materials and products transforming the way we think of waste and what can be done with it ToosPolymer goal is to focus on hard-to-recycle materials, developing circular solutions for otherwise linear systems. Today we recycle thousands of kilogram of such material on a yearly basis, diverting it from our landfills and incinerators When looking at a new waste stream we first focus on moving it from a linear disposal system to a circular one, and then over time to a platform that is as closed loop as technically possible
    Custom materials
    Since our sources of waste are typically very consistent in composition and volume ToosPolymer is able to provide a consistent material from order to order; with low lot-to-lot variability. With our in-house R&D department and laboratories ToosPolymer has the capability to customize materials to meet almost any specific requirements of our production partners Our goal is to provide materials to a company that can be used as a sustainable alternative to virgin materials; using less crude oil and instead utilizing a material that would normally be sent to landfill. Please contact us to learn what types of innovative,made-from-waste, materials we could provide to your organization
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    Closed-Loop Solutions
    Our R&D teams work closely with our partners to develop closed-loop solutions for various waste materials. These solutions range from promotional applications where we can manufacture premium products ( from pencil cases to Frisbees ) to large-scale deployments ( from playgrounds to community gardens), to fundamental closed loop operational applications. These Closed Loop solutions can range from making secondary applications like displays or pallets from a waste material to be used by the same company to primary applications that involve turning the waste back into the same product that it began as
    please contact us to learn more about how we can bring closed-loop solutions to your organization
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    Our transport crates and transport boxes were developed for the agricultural sector, but have many applications for transport and storage. A wide range of affordable robust crates of recycled materials for exporting flower bulbs, the tree nursery sector or just for logistics. For your fresh products, we offer transport. Boxes and crates produced from food-safe materials. These transport boxes can be manufactured in any color with your logo, allowing you to discern yourself from your competitors!
    With a folding crate or nesting pivoting stackable crates, you can save significant costs on return transport and storage.

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