Industrial Recycling Services
ToosPlymer provides industrial recycling services for your company's distribution center, warehouse or production facility helping you to reach your zero waste goals and a focus on solving hard to recycle materials. Our Materials Team will work with you closely through the entire process to ensure that our industrial recycling services are customized to fit the needs of your facility and waste streams.

The first step is to help us understand the waste stream that you're a generation at your facilities.

Those include the following steps:

- Call us and tell about each individual waste stream you'd like us to evaluate.
- A ToosPlymer representative will respond with any follow-up questions about the material, at which point we will begin the quoting process if necessary, a ToosPolymer representative may request to visit your facility for a waste audit to better understand the material stream and staging capacity.

ToosPolymer Characterizes waste streams based on the economics behind them with a focus on three primary categories:

- Positive Economic Waste Streams
These Waste Streams have enough value in them to allow ToosPolymer to purchase it from your facilities, allowing for a clear economic advantage over landfilling, not to mention the sustainability benefit.
- Neutral Economics
These waste streams can be recycled at a cost comparable to disposing of them via landfill or incineration. While economic advantage may not be present, sending to be recycled is a clear sustainability advantage.
- Negative Economics
These Waste streams are more costly to recycle than their resulting value and will cost (perhaps significantly) more than your current disposal fees. While there is an economic disadvantage with these materials the benefit to the environment is significant when compared to landfilling or incinerating them.

Depending on the specific arrangement that ToosPolymer works out with your facility, there are different loading methods that we can use when making a pick-up:

- Live Loading: The waste materials would be staged on your warehouse floor until you have accumulated a full truckload At that point, ToosPolymer would send a truck to pick up the material and your warehouse staff would be responsible for loading the pallets onto the truck.
- Drop Trailer: ToosPolymer would arrange to have an empty trailer dropped at one of your dock doors so that the material can be loaded real-time, This would save facility floor space and allow you to alert our team when the trailer is full and ready for pick up. At that time, we would send a truck to pull the full trailer. If our arrangments are ongoing, the full trailer would be replaced with an empty trailer.
- You deliver material to ToosPolymer: Under this scenario, you would deliver the material to a ToosPolymer facility. This situation would occur if you do not have the floor space to accumulate a full truckload and/or TerraCycle is not able to drop a trailer in a cost-effective manner. Under this scenario, you would deliver any amount of material to ToosPolymer and you do not have to wait until you reach 10Tons or more. This option usually results in ToosPolymer offering a better per-Kg price to recycle the material.