Every client is unique. Every project is different. It's part of what makes agency-life so exciting; you never know what twists and turns a great project and an amazing client can take you on. We're in the business of building and managing strong brands and solid, long-term client relationships.


We protect our reputation by being honest and professional and taking responsibility for our actions. We bring value to our customers, suppliers and industry partners. We are better than our competition, by being easy to do business with and delivering on our promises. We value and respect each individual, their contribution and provide a platform for growth and career development.


From color sorting and separation to polymer compounding Shahabfar Toos have it covered. As an industry-leading plastic recycling company we provide individually tailored, first-class waste recovery, reprocessing and logistical services for businesses of all sizes across the Khorasan and Iran. Environmentally friendly products used across the plastic manufacturing service.